New Ubuntero in town - looking for flatmates in Dublin!

Tribaal tribaal at
Mon Sep 26 12:20:10 UTC 2011

Hi list,

My name is Chris, and I'll be moving to Dublin from Switzerland in the
beginning of November for professional reasons.

While my wife is scheduled to move as well, she will be joining me a
little later (in something like 6 months), so in the mean time I'd
love to share a flat with someone!
Being a long time Ubuntu user and a member of the Swiss LoCo, it feels
natural to ask on this list first - we already have one "common
interest". As a professional, I could afford living on my own, but
it's simply not as fun...

For the classic ad-style personal details:
- 28yo software engineer
- Married
- Non-smoker
- Friendly, orderly
- I'm French/English bilingual, and also speak some Spanish and German
(been around a little). Looking forward to learning some Irish ;)

So if you have a flat to share, or are also looking for a place to
stay in Dublin, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I also already
hang around in #ubuntu-ie (as Tribaal), don't hesitate to ping me
there if you have further questions etc...

I'm looking forward to meet you all at events (you seem to be pretty
active, that's awesome)

Cheers everyone, and thanks for your help

- Chris

PS: sorry if I break the list's etiquette by posting personal stuff to
it - feel free to flame away :p

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