laura at laura at
Thu Sep 22 16:26:48 UTC 2011

Aloha folks!

This place is a bit quiet lately and there are over 100 people on here.  I
was wondering how best we can kick some life into this mailing list pick a
toic a week and discuss, or getting people to attend more of the events
that are being run.

So Ubuntu-ie are an approved team, that means in order to remain active
and get the LoCo cds and have some perks we've to show we do things.  Last
night Mike was the only person bar myself to show up to the meeting.  so
either the date or time is wrong ?

We do need more input and that's where you come in.  It's a community, so
we need to kinda act more and do more, I also appreciate time is precious
so how can we do things more efficiently.

The team has organised a party for the next release 11.10 out on October
13th and so far not many people have signed up! It's a great excuse to
meet one another and put the face to the name.  Let's see if we can spread
the word and get more people there, perhaps letting the computer societies
know at the colleges??


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