Getting a Limerick Global Jam together

laura at laura at
Fri Mar 11 09:07:56 UTC 2011

Sounds good why not ask the folks out in UK - skynet if they want to help
out that way you could get a room, or take over some of the area in the
canteen ??


> Hello one and all,
> It's nearing the time for the Global Jam and the numbers are there for one
> in Dublin. If enough people feel that adding a venue in Limerick would
> make
> this event easier for people to avail of I can start setting up a venue
> for
> Limerick as well. If even a small few want one here I can start putting
> things in motion. I have not consulted anyone here about a venue for it as
> if there isn't going to be one there's no point asking for anything so the
> sooner people can let me know the better and more organized this can be. I
> do look forward to anything back on this, and if one in Limerick doesn't
> go
> ahead, see you at the Dublin one
> Andru Quinn
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