A shout out for support for the Ubuntu Ireland Team Re-approval submission

Mike O'Donohue airurando at eircom.net
Wed Jun 15 23:59:02 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,

A decision was taken at yesterdays Team IRC Meeting to put the
finishing touches on our teams re-approval application and submit it for
consideration at next Tuesdays LoCo Council IRC Meeting. This
meeting will take place in #ubuntu-meeting freenode IRC channel on
Tuesday 21 Jun 11 @ 8pm UTC (9pm Irish time I think(please verify)).
Next Monday, we hope to add our teams application to the agenda for
that meeting at:


All going well our re-approval application will be reviewed and decided
upon during this meeting.  The more Ubuntu Ireland Team supporters we
can gather in the #ubuntu-meeting channel for next Tuesdays meeting,
cheering our LoCo on, the better.  If you can participate in the
meeting 'yelling' for you LoCo your support will be very much
appreciated.  While it is not essential that our LoCo remains approved
the benefits of retaining our approved status are significant.

I do hope many members of the Ubuntu Ireland Team can keep and hour
free next Tuesday evening to support our combined re-approval effort.

Kind Regards,

Mike O'Donohue

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