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Rory McCann rory at
Tue Jan 11 11:32:43 UTC 2011

On 02/01/11 17:02, Frank Duignan wrote:
> Hi Rory, I'm organizing what could best be described as an IT
> Community day in Engineers Ireland on March 5th (its a Saturday).  I'm
> looking for speakers from the various IT related clubs & socs in and
> around Dublin (and the rest of the country too I suppose).  A loose
> theme for the day is "A day in the life of ......" - insert IT related
> profession e.g. Linux sysadmin.  It is NOT a careers day per se,
> rather a day aimed at helping people find out what it is to actually
> like work in IT - especially in Ireland.
> The day is also intended to be a networking day for the IT Crowd in
> Ireland and a mechanism by which Engineers Ireland itself is exposed
> to the IT community with a view to making it more relevant to same.
> So...
> What would I like from you ? :)
> Is there someone (perhaps yourself) who would be willing to speak
> about Ubuntu in a way that is in keeping with the theme of the day?
> f.

Hi Frank!

(I'm CC'ing the main ubuntu ireland list aswell.)

Your event sounds interesting. We might be able to do something. Does
anyone on this list, have any ideas/suggestions/want to volunteer?

Could you tell us more about the other attendees? Basically is it all
open source people? Or all computer people? Or just all engineers? It
would be a bit silly to have a talk that introduces Linux if everyone
there is already a linux professional!


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