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Rory McCann rory at
Sun Jan 2 16:48:42 UTC 2011

On 16/12/10 18:21, Patrik Hammond wrote:
> Hi Rory,
> I have had a sudden burst of enthusiasm for all things Linux. I'm
> currently working on LFS and compiling my own kernels, that kind of
> thing. Also learning C++ and have background in Java and some horrible
> .net languages. Just wondering what I can do to help further ubuntu in
> Ireland, should i join the LoCo team? I couldn't quite figure out the
> joining process from the wiki and the site. I plan on getting more and
> more into the open source side of things and i'd love to be part of
> something concrete with goals/tasks etc.
> Anywho, drop me a line if you get  a chance!
> Gnatrick


Great to hear that you're interested in Ubuntu. I'm CCing the LoCo team
mailing list aswell.

The LoCo doesn't have formal procedures for things like joining, there's
a few things you can do, like join the launchpad team, but none of it is
required. The only real way to 'join' is to help out, get active and do
stuff! :) You can do as much or as little as you like.

We have monthly IRC meetings to discuss stuff
( We create monthly
reports of our activity (
There's the aforementioned mailing list. We have an IRC channel
(#ubuntu-ie on FreeNode). We have montly 'Ubuntu Hours' in several
cities (Dublin, Limerick and Cork IIRC). We have release parties when
the new version of Ubuntu comes out. We have other 'outdoor' activies
aswell. All of these events are open to everyone who wants to come. If
you're in the area feel free to pop along and say hi!

It's partially your LoCo, so what would you like to do and see happen?

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