Reminder: Monthly team IRC meeting tomorrow night (Wed 16th of Feb)

Michael O'Donohue airurando at
Tue Feb 15 12:48:05 UTC 2011

Hi All,

This a reminder that the next monthly IRC meeting of the Ubuntu-ie LoCo will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 16th of February 2011, at 8pm. The meeting will be held in the #ubuntu-ie channel on the network.

There is a wiki page with the agenda for this meeting. Everyone who's interested is encouraged to add an item of interest or concern to this agenda.  If you do add an item to the agenda, as we hope you will, your attendance at the meeting to lead the discussion about that topic would be appreciated. This wiki page can be found at:

The agenda currently lists 8 items up for discussion at this meeting and they are:

1) Review of previous action items 
2) More community input for podcast 
3) Possible to get more discs from Canonical? 
4) Engineer's Ireland 'IT Community Day' 
5) Start planning for distribution of 11.04 CDs 
6) Social events 
7) CDs for Canonical for next release 
8) Ubuntu Global Jam (née Bug Jam) 

Kind Regards,

Mike O'Donohue

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