10.10.10 release party

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It's just about a month away to the next release of Maverick, it's 
release date is the 10.10.10 and they even changed the release schedule 
to make it so!
With that in mind, we've had some great parties over the last few cycles 
and we want to do the same again.

Do folks want to do the Jimmy chungs - Chinese buffet where they accept 
people paying for themselves
Followed by Going to the market bar, it has wifi, but we also thought 
about the tv add, "compare the market compare the meerkat"
Having a pub quiz at the bar ?

All are up for discussion, perhaps you have another idea, but we'd like 
to try and finalise this by Friday so we can get the word out to people...



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Hi All,

Just to remind you all of Laura's request for ideas. Does anyone have any fun, novel thoughts about what we could do for this release party?  Details for the event will be finalised tomorrow evening (Friday) so if you do have a killer idea for something out of the ordinary please share it here on the mailing list.


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