Announcing "The quiz for techies that wanna read real good and do other stuff real good too!"

Julie Pichon julie.pichon at
Mon Nov 29 17:59:09 GMT 2010

Hey there,

On 26 November 2010 17:36, Michael O'Donohue <airurando at> wrote:
> When: Tuesday, 14th December 2010 (19:00)
> Where: Karma Stone, Wexford Street (formerly Cornerstone, and opposite DIT)
> Registration:
> All participants, please register at
> Team leads, please register your team at
> Entry Rules:
> Table with team of 1 - 4 participants. (Please note: First 10 teams accepted)
> The quizmaster has final say over all disputes and answers.
> And please, try not to cheat. It's fun and for a good cause. If you are caught, you are kicked out of the pub quiz.

Anyone interested in forming a Ubuntu team? Looks like the other
groups already have one or more teams in the pipeline!!



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