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Laura Czajkowski laura at
Mon Mar 22 10:07:01 GMT 2010

With only a week away, we are we well underway for the Ubuntu Ireland Global
Jam, however this year we're going to make it a bit more interesting and
open it up for everyone to come along.

The idea behind Open Jam is that it will be a chilled out type of community
event. Where you can work on your projects, help folks if they have some
questions, hack, logs bugs, documentation, translations, whatever you like
the big thing being we get to do it together in one place.

It would be great to have as many people from the different Open Source
communities mingling on the day as possible. So whether your from PHP,
Ubuntu, Debian, KDE, GNOME, Python, Ruby, Alt.NET or the human race at
large, then come on down and check out why it's great to be Open! And have
your chance to contribute!

Thanks to Enterprise Ireland who've come on board to support this venture
and are our lovely hosts for the event. - Enterprise Ireland's Head Office,
The Plaza, East Point Business Park, Dublin 3

Sign up page for the event-

Note. You need to sign up (costs nothing) for this event if you want to be
able to access the Internet on the day (as network access accounts need to
be provisioned in advance by Enterprise Ireland admins). You can turn up on
the day but your bits and bytes will need to find their own way into the
cloud :-)

More information . -


We hope to have the event streamed pop in and say hi to us.

10am start  Welcome to Open Jam (2 rooms joined into 1 room)

The importance of getting the different Open Source groups together under
one roof.

Explain about other aspects of Global Jam - Documentation, Translations,
Wiki clean up, bug triaging etc.

10.30 The 'I Like..' Slot (get everyone to stand up and give one line shout
out on what project/area they're into

10.35 approx Split rooms into 2
- one 'talker room' for presentations
- one 'activity room 1' (we can add more activity rooms as we need)
10:30 TALKER ROOM: How to log into Launchpad
10:35 TALKER ROOM: Creating GPG keys and signing the code of conduct
10:45 TALKER ROOM: How to log bugs / Triage bugs
10:45 ACTIVITY ROOM 1: Ruby Ireland Coding Dojo, etc
12:30: TALKER ROOM: Round of lightning talks
1-2pm Lunch
2pm Do a general check around to see what activities are going on

People split into groups and work on projects or help one another.

use #gbj#openjam hashtag on twitter for tweeting and
skype: lauraczajkowski

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