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Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Wed Jun 30 21:11:20 BST 2010


*If you haven’t seen **loco.ubuntu.com* <http://loco.ubuntu.com>* *** 
Why not!

It’s what we call the /LoCo Directory/ and where more and more data of 
our Local Community teams goes. In the beginning we started with just a 
simple list of LoCo teams and additional data they can put there. After 
some time we added the functionality to put events in there too. It’s 
awesome and the work the whole team put into it is just amazing. The 
good thing is that we all hang out in #ubuntu-locoteams, do code reviews 
together and learn from each other. It’s a fantastic project.

All of the events and attendance at events is now being added to the 
LoCo directory and is the way forward for LoCo teams

To continue the great story and plan our next steps a bit, we’ll meet in 
on July 8th, 14:00 UTC 

Topics we’d like to talk about:

    * explain the project <http://launchpad.net/loco-directory> to new
      interested contributors
    * review the list of open bugs
      <https://bugs.launchpad.net/loco-directory> and reprioritise for
      the next 2 or 3 releases
    * general Q&A

If you know a bit about Django, Python, Web development or are keen to 
learn about it and be part of a fantastic project that powers a great 
and fantastic part of our community, be there and talk to us.

(Also if you microblog about this and other LoCo stuff, use the 
#locoteams hashtag.)



Skype: lauraczajkowski

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