Hello all..

Niall McGuinness niall.mcguinness at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 13:40:27 BST 2010

my name is Niall McGuinness and Im just finishing an MsC in Computing
(Knowledge Management) here in DIT Kevin Street. In a previous life Ive done
some software testing but have always had an interest in linux and Ubuntu(
even though I have a lot to learn!). I had the pleasure of meeting Laura
Czakowski recently in college and she really helped to explain how the
community works etc. It seems like a really active group which is great so i
registered straight away :)..

Im currently doing some work on where social networking tools (web 2.0) fit
into the ubuntu ireland community for example what tools are used most, any
problems/limitations they have, and I am interrested in exploring best ways
to migrate to Web 3.0 or more semantic based web. Hope I dont sound boring
lol, anyway get in touch if you have any info on this as I said Im just
beginning myself so lots to learn!!

I hope to attend the next monthly meeting in Dublin so maybe will get a
chance to meet some of you! cheers, Niall
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