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Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Fri Jun 4 00:23:19 BST 2010

Hi All,

I'm Mike O'Donohue.

One of the least geeky folks in the Ubuntu-ie community living in Co.
Kildare. I dabbled with Red Hat Linux version whatever back in 1999 but
did not get very far.  My interest in linux was rekindled about 2 years
ago and after trying out several distributions I settled on Ubuntu.
I'm just a home user of Ubuntu but pretty much use it exclusively now.
I'm airurando on IRC, twitter and I generally make it up to
the Ubuntu Hours in Dublin and enjoy the chat at these immensely.  I
find theses meetups are a great opportunity for asking questions and
learning more. You should all come along to the next one if you get a
chance.  Again, sincere thanks to all who voted for my daughter Orla, in
the Ubuntu Women World play day competition. Orla won the community vote
and in a few weeks will receive her prize of a Zareason Terra A20
netbook. This win caused, and continues to cause, great excitement in
our house. 

It would be great if more members of the mailing list replied to this
thread just to shout out who is there and actively reading the posts to
this list. Doesn't have to be much just a quick hello will do.

Hope to read more soon.

Kind Regards,


>tDR112 <tdr112 at> wrote:

> Hello all
> I'm Jeffrey.
> I have been using Ubuntu for a few years now. Got to know of few of
> the folks when the drop in centre was up and running been talking to
> them ever since. I hang out on IRC most of the time as tdr112, and I
> make the team reports each month.
> Outside Ubuntu I am trying to finish a degree in Engineering. Also I'm
> involved in the Dublin hackerspace TOG.
> I go to most of the Ubuntu hours in Dublin so if your around say
> hello.
> Jeffrey Roe,
> On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 11:30 PM, Rory McCann <rory at>
> wrote:
> > I'm Rory.
> >
> > I'm the Point of Contact for the Ubuntu Ireland team, so Canonical
> > have someone in Ireland to post things to. I'm pretty active on IRC
> > (ebel is my nick), and I chair the monthly IRC Meetings. You can
> > normally find me at the ubuntu hours etc.
> >
> > I've been an linux fan for a few years and used linux soley for
> > years. In years past I spent some time helping Camara send ubuntu
> > PCs to schools in Africa and have thaught many people how to use
> > ubuntu.
> >
> > I'm in Dublin, and am working here as a Linux Sysadmin/Programmer.
> > I'm a big Python fan and have been spending lots of time recently
> > doing OpenStreetMap stuff. I'm also occasionally at the TOG, the
> > Dublin Hackerspace.
> >
> > Outside IT I like to ride motorbikes and travel.
> >
> > Rory
> >
> > On 01/06/10 15:51, Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> >> Aloha!
> >>
> >> I recently went to the UK and attended the Canonical Release party
> >> of Lucid and met Stephanie! She's Irish and works for Canonical.
> >>  It got me thinking there are a lot of us on this mailing list and
> >> it'd be a nice idea to get to know one another and tell us a
> >> little about yourselves.
> >>
> >> So me! I'm involved in the Ubuntu Community in many ways, I'm on
> >> the Ubuntu LoCo Council [0] which is very interesting dealing with
> >> teams and hearing the stuff they are working on, gives me some
> >> great ideas.   I've also been elected on the EMEA membership board
> >> [1] and hopefully we will see more Irish going for their Ubuntu
> >> membership, at present there are 5 of us!
> >>
> >> Outside of Ubuntu land I run and organise Open Source Barcamps -
> >> and try and promote open source where I can.  Up until recently my
> >> day job was a software tester but I'm now job hunting.  I'm now
> >> based in Limerick if anyone wants to meet up.
> >>
> >>
> >> [0]
> >>
> >> [1]
> >>
> >> So who else is on here :)
> >>
> >> Laura
> >>
> >
> >
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