Listing Ubuntu-ie LoCo events in the the Ubuntu LoCo Directory

Mike O'Donohue airurando at
Wed Jul 21 23:22:51 BST 2010

Hi All,

It was agreed at the monthly IRC meeting this evening that all future
Ubuntu Ireland LoCo events should be listed in the Ubuntu LoCo
Directory (LD) (  It was further agreed that
all other references to events ,such as e-mails and calendar entries,
should include a link to the LD listing. The benefits of listing our
events in the LD are:

1)	To have all events listed in one place (such as the LD)
	will greatly aid the process when the time comes to have our
	LoCo re-approved.


2)  	The method of listing team events in the LD is becoming the
	standard for all LoCos.

I've agreed to take on the task of listing our events in the LD but for
this to go smoothly and be successful it is important that I be
notified about events as soon as they are organised.  It is also
important that I generate the LD entry for these events as quickly
as possible, otherwise we will be in a 'chicken or egg' situation i.e.
if the LD entry for an event does not exist then how are we to link to
it?!?  Details of events can be e-mailed to me at this address.  

Kind Regards

Mike O'Donohue.

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