Hello Ubuntu-ie this is Lyon calling...

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Fri Jul 16 21:40:55 BST 2010

On 13/07/10 23:47, Félim Whiteley wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> Just thought I'd introduce myself after being "outed" the other day. My name
> is Félim, I'm originally from Goatstown in Dublin and have been working from
> France for the past 3 years with various companies and Educational departments
> in Scotland where I previously lived.
> I've been using Ubuntu (actually Kubuntu) on the desktop since after LugRadio
> Live 2 back in 2006, having previously been a Gentoo (yes I clearly like
> inflicting pain on myself!) and SuSE and a bit of Redhat since 1997-ish.. it's
> all very hazy.
> I mainly deal with server monitoring, using Ubuntu server based monitoring to
> help some of the Educational departments manage 160 sites they have spread
> across their region, and help manage a mix of Apple, Windows, Cisco and
> various Linux based systems. Despite having written the Ubuntu wiki blurb 3
> years ago I do actually intend to setup a company in the next year or so in
> Ireland to try break the proprietary strangle hold that is sucking the very
> limited resources out of Irish education. Assuming I'm not laughed at too much
> with my hybrid Glasgow-French mangled pigeon English I fear I suffer from
> these days.
> Well, again, hello and hopefully I'll be a bit more responsive now I've
> remembered to sign up to the list after a long absence!
> Félim
Félim, heh one day we'll meet! Thanks for dropping a line to the mailing 
Also thanks to Barry for kicking this off it's nice to know about other 
members of the team that are part of the Ubuntu Ireland team. It's been 
interesting this week.



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