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Laura Czajkowski laura at
Tue Jul 6 20:20:16 BST 2010

On 06/07/10 20:08, barry Smyth wrote:
> HI,
> Building on the success of a recent email asking people to introduce
> themselves in the community, an exercise to stimulate communication
> and links within the Irish community has been devised.
> This will involve profiles from Wiki and launchpad been advertised
> through the mailing list.
> Each day 1 profile will be mailed out to the Irish group and you will
> be encouraged to check out that members profile. This will continue
> for 2 weeks and then be assessed for it's effectiveness.
> The exercise may help create a greater community spirit and awareness
> of other Irish members, their skills and how they participate.
> I would be grateful if you have an objection to your profile being
> advertised to let me know so as to remove you from the list of
> profiles to advertise.
> Also if you are quite keen for your profile to be advertised if you could let me
> know and if you wish to add a cover note with your advertisement.
> The profile of the day will begin next Monday 19th July.
> If you do not already have a wiki/launchpad page this may be the
> excuse or opportunity to set one up.
> Regards
> Barry Smyth
Excellent idea, if anyone wants a hand creating a  wiki page just poke 
me tons of free time on my hands at present while job hunting!
Also a great way to get some of the work done if you are going for 
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