Minutes of the January 2010 meeting

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri Jan 15 10:20:35 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Here's the minutes of the January 2010 Ubuntu Ireland meeting:

Meeting started by ebel at 14:04
14:05:55 	LINK 	ebel
14:08:53 	Topic: Name for the Limerick Event
14:30:50 	Topic: Advertising the Limerick Event
14:40:07 	ACTION 	ebel 	airurando will contact davem for working on
promotion etc for limerick event
14:40:30 	Topic: Open Source Events in TOG in February
14:41:44 	LINK 	ebel 	http://www.tog.ie/2010/01/engineers-week/
14:43:56 	Topic: More forms of communication
15:05:38 	AGREED 	ebel 	when running events, make sure to tell all forms
of communication
15:05:52 	Topic: Ubuntu Hour plans
15:08:03 	AGREED 	ebel 	ubuntu hours will be on the last wednesday of
the month
15:10:46 	VOTE 	should there be another ubuntu hour at the end of
january (+1) or wait till the end of feb (-1)
15:11:55 	VOTE RESULT 	3 for, 0 against, 1 abstained. Total: 3
15:12:17 	AGREED 	ebel 	there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of
january at 17th of jan
15:13:00 	AGREED 	ebel 	there'll be another ubuntu hour at the end of
january at *27th of jan
15:17:03 	Topic: ANy other buisness?
15:18:27 	Topic: Update as to the state of the Irish Translations and
work being done
15:19:20 	LINK 	lau1
Meeting ended at 15:27.

People Present:

   1. ebel
   2. slashtom
   3. airurando
   4. lau1
   5. czajkowski
   6. tdr112
   7. harcesz

I've updated the wikipage for the meeting (
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2010-01-13 ) to reflect this.


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