Ubuntu Banner Guidance

Declan McGrath declan at divilment.com
Thu Jan 7 07:14:25 GMT 2010


I'm looking to involve someone on the banner design front - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ie-loco-roadmap/+spec/loco-banner

What is the brief for this work?

* What does the ubuntu-ie loco want to see in this banner?
* Does the banner have to retain the green/orange/white dashed circle?
* Will the banner replace the existing Ubuntu-ie site or is it just to be used on physical banners at events?
* If it is to be used on the Ubuntu-ie site, is there a defined set of dimensions we need to stick with?
* What is the biggest size the banner blown up to - for example, on physical material at events?
* What is process for getting the ok from Canonical (if necessary) that the banner is acceptable and how long does this process take?

BTW, I know SVG's can be scaled up or down easily but it is good to know the use case as some designs look good blown up big; others look good small. And once you know the dimensions you can strike a design that suits both cases, if need be.


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