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Laura Czajkowski laura at
Thu Apr 8 20:08:02 BST 2010

On 08/04/10 18:38, Declan McGrath wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was going to put together a little feedback questionaire regarding openjam. Just checking if anyone's started on this already or has any feedback questions to add?
> Regards,
> Declan
Not sure tis needed - It was only a small event only thing I've learnt 
from it is, create a schedule and stick to it. We wanted a more 
structured event  from the last bug jam and this time it was agreed we'd 
have a schedule however this was dismissed and changed on the day 
without really much discussion.

We possibly could have had a bug or two to log and show how it's done as 
many wanted to know more and were waiting to start but the talks were 
moved till later on which again didn't help this at all.

When inviting other groups try not to lose focus in the event that it's 
an Ubuntu event also as let be honest while it was an ubuntu headed 
event jack shit was done regarding it.  so rather pointless in my eyes.  
We had a few folks turn up on Sunday on channel and got what I had hoped 
we could do on the Saturday done so at least that's something.

I think in future, if we are going to have a global Ubuntu event, 
however small it is it, overlapping with other groups doesn't work out 


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