Ubuntu Global Jam

Maciej Danielski mdanielski at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 23 21:32:39 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

I hope those of you who attended OSSBarCamp last weekend had a great

The next planned event is Ubuntu Global Jam!
As some might have already heard, it will not be hosted at DIT.
Due to budget cuts DIT cannot afford opening on weekends.

I've already spoken to TOG [0] members, and most likely (99%), we
will be able to use the hackerspace on Saturday, the 3rd
of October from 10 am till 5pm.
Because there are not so many stools in the space at the moment, 
please let me know if you are coming to the event, so we can organize
some fold-up chairs and tables.

[0] - http://www.tog.ie/

Maciej Danielski aka Mean-Machine 

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