IRC Guidelines

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Tue Oct 20 21:51:25 BST 2009


I thought with having some new members join I'd send a mail on irc do's
and don't within the Ubuntu Community.

For those who don't know we have an irc channel on
#ubuntu-ie we're in there at all times so pop in and say hi.

The channel is publically logged by Ubuntu bots, so there is no need nor
is it allowed to bring in other bots.

If you need help please ask, but due to work, time constraints people
may not be around, many people run screen sessions, so try and not
repeat the question again and again.

The use of the ! command, !coc will prompt the bot to give you
information on the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, please do not try and alter
what the bot should return if it may offend or be incorrect it'll be
flagged to Ubuntu IRC Ops and be fixed but that's a waste of time.

At all times please be polite, no foul language should be used in
channel.  If someone is misbehaving or behaving inappropriately, pm
ebel, myself or mean-machine, you could also try and pm the person in
question asking them to stop.  If there are no ops available you can use
the !ops command which will summon an Ubuntu IRC Op into our channel and
they will deal with the issue or person in question.

*Please do not over use this and only use if you feel it necessary or
the ubuntu-ie ops are not around.*

All of the information is if you
have any questions ask on the mailing list, if you don't know how to log
onto IRC let us know so we can help.



Skype: lauraczajkowski

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