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John Shortland johnshortland at
Mon Oct 19 13:03:41 BST 2009

Hi Everyone

After posting this on ubuntuforums in the Irish LoCo section, mean-machine
suggested mailing the list as well so here goes. How many Munster based
members have we here? If your from this neck of the country could you reply
to this so I can do a head count, Hoping to organize some events for this
part of the country as some people can't travel to Dublin and surrounding
areas for events due to personal and/or financial reasons. So if we get a
good enough number I'll try organizse a few things such as meet ups maybe an
install session to help people get set up etc we'll see how it goes. I know
of a place that could be used to meet, it has 4Mb net access and all the
tea/coffee we could need so we just need some people.

John [Cochise]
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