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Let's do it!

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Hello dear LoCo Contact!

as you might have heard already, we're planning the Ubuntu Global Jam at
2nd - 4th Oct 2009:


We want to get people all around the globe together to meet locally and
work together on Ubuntu, make it prettier, better and more fun. The most
important thing about the event is bringing people together and have a
good time. Maybe learn something new, work on something new, but most
importantly have fun.

Right now we list a couple of activities such as Bugs, Packaging and
Translations, but please don't feel limited to it.

We need your help. Please let everybody in your team know about this and
encourage them to start planning activities. The following page should
help with that and answer a lot of questions.


Jorge Castro is going to run a session about "How to run a successfull
Jam" at these times:
   * June 27 - 1500UTC - #ubuntu-classroom
   * Sept 4 - 2100UTC - #ubuntu-classroom
   * Sept 18 - 1500UTC - #ubuntu-classroom

and Jono Bacon will do a videocast at 24th June 2009 1800UTC

Please spread the news and let me know if there are any questions.

This is going to be fantastic and I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day,
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