Ireland LoCo Approval

Rory McCann rory at
Fri Jun 12 11:19:37 BST 2009

On 12/06/09 11:05, Laura Czajkowski wrote:
> We have to make a start on
>  If
> anyone wants to make a start fire away, we'll probably try and have an
> IRC meeting before next Tuesday to work on this, but the wiki is there
> if anyone wants to add a bullet point or two.

I suggest an IRC meeting on #ubuntu-ie at 9pm Irish Time next Sunday
14th June 2009. This is our normal time for our IRC meeting. We can
discuss the application there

> You can see from the logs of past applications but a sample would be
> (

This page has the application form

And this is a list of all the applications in the past:

> What we need from you, our members need to be online Tuesday 16th June
> at 8pm. It cannot just be 2-3 people so we'd ask as many of you to
> please come online then and show others how active the Irish LoCo is. I
> understand IRC is not everyones favourite area, but for 1 hr I'd ask you
> to make an effort and come online and support the work of members of the
> team who've been actively promoting this LoCo in Ireland.

If you're new to IRC, you can use Mibbit, a simple website for IRC chatting.

Go to and enter a nick (ie nickname) to identify
yourself. Then select "FreeNode" from the drop down menu, and
#ubuntu-meeting as the channel, and press 'Go'. You'll be brought
straight into the irc meeting room.

(In general if you want to pop your head into the irish team channel,
you can put #ubuntu-ie in as the channel. Everything else is the same)

Hope that helps.


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