Enterprise Ubuntu in Ireland

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Tue Jun 9 11:44:25 BST 2009

It doesnt really matter who it's for, it's a way of discussing who is using
Ubuntu servers or any OSS/FLOSS servers in the working environment.  

The more companies here other companies are doing it, and not having issues,
they are more likely to change over or sample systems and make the change. 

By not knowing, they won't know. 


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> It looks like this question is related to potential Canonical Services
> and Maintenance Sales in Ireland... Am I correct? ;-]
> Google...? but most likely does not need support.
> Kind regards,
> Maciej Danielski aka Mean-Machine
> On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Laura
Czajkowski&lt;laura at lczajkowski.com&gt; wrote:
> &gt; Aloha my dears, it's me again. I get asked the strangest questions so
I like
> &gt; to ask ye guys also.
> &gt;
> &gt; Quick question, does anyone know of companies in Ireland running
> &gt; numbers of Ubuntu servers ?.
> &gt; Talking minimum figures of about 50 servers or around 50 Desktops.
> &gt;
> &gt; Oh and if you know of universities, IOT's or schools with 5 servers
or more
> &gt; than would be cool as well.
> &gt;
> &gt; Thanks
> &gt;
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