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see below, and this was one idea we have lined up to install in our own


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Like many (if not all) the LoCo Teams of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Colombian
Team have an IRC channel in Freenode.net [1].

When we released our website (http://www.ubuntu-co.com), we embeded
one web application called Mibbit [2] in our site to bring support to
Ubuntu users and chat about organization and integration of Ubuntu-Co
(the main activities of this kind of channels) without the need of use
Java or Flash (just Javascript). This really help us to bring more
interactivity with persons who don't have knowledge of IRC
applications, protocols, channels, etc. Because, to be part of the
chat, they only need to choose a NickName and press Enter.

Sadly, the Freenode people had problems with Mibbit app (security
problems) [3] [4], so they cut off the access through it. But, the
gave us one alternative, and with the plus of being free software
(Mibbit is proprietary software). This app is called webirc [5] , and
the implementation of Freenode is here [6].

Some things are missing if we compare it to Mibbit, but the qwebirc
guys are working really fast, so, we hope to see new functions and
features coming to qwebirc.

So, what about all this?? We, the Ubuntu Colombian Team, are inviting
to all the LoCo Teams to join us to build a new bridge with new
people, simplifying the methods of communication, just publishing your
own web IRC chat in your LoCo Websites. For example, here is ours
embedded chat: http://ubuntu-co.com/node/9

You can embed the chat pasting the code generated by the "Wizard" of
Freenode web IRC.

So.. that is all folks.. See you later :)

[1] http://freenode.net/
[2] http://mibbit.com/
[3] http://blog.freenode.net/2009/06/new-freenode-webchat-and-why-to-use-it/
[4] http://blog.mibbit.com/?p=306
[5] http://www.qwebirc.org/
[6] http://webchat.freenode.net/

Julián Alarcón
Admin Ubuntu-Co

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