Code Mongrel Podcast

Declan McGrath declan at
Thu Jul 16 13:49:57 BST 2009

Hi folks,

I've already posted this on the ilug mailing list so apologies to anyone who's reading the bulk of this email twice (though I have made some changes to this email).

I've started up a new short podcast with an Open Source focus at This first episode is more of a pilot to get the ball rolling than anything else. Given my own natural bias the show is software development focussed but I'd also like to have less technical pieces too, especially Free Culture, Free Software in schools, gov, etc. One of these things is Ubuntu so if anyone has any particular topics or ideas for the podcast just shout on this list or post a comment at

Once I iron out the technical issues, I'd like to extend the show to having more people on each episode to have a proper discussion, rather than just one man and a microphone. In the meantime, if anyone wants to record a short piece and send it in I can edit it into the next episode.

All the best and happy Ubuntu'ing,

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