Is there any use for a non-coder?

Bob Jolliffe bobjolliffe at
Mon Jan 19 15:12:19 GMT 2009

Hi Rory

Thanks for this clarification.  This helps my understanding a lot as
well - also never attended a Bug Jam (although I do 'code').


2009/1/19 Rory McCann <rory at>:
> On 19/01/09 13:26, Donal Buckley wrote:
>> Self-explanatory. Is there anything a non-coder could do to help in the
>> bug-jam or as part of the larger Ireland LoCo team?
>> Donal
> Hi Donal.
> The answer to your question, is yes. There's lots of things a non-coder
> can do at a bug jam.
> Perhaps there's a bit of confusion about what a Bug Jam is. It's a short
> session, in which bugs get 'triaged'. There will be very little
> programming and coding done.
> Basically lots of people are adding bugs to the Ubuntu bug tracker,
>, sometimes they are incomplete, missing certain
> steps, or maybe that problem has been fixed already. In short the bug
> tracker probably needs some TLC and a bit of a spring cleaning.
> In a Bug Jam, people get together and have a look at the bug tracker and
> look at the bugs. Is this still a problem? Then add a comment saying "I
> can reproduce this bug", Is this bug missing details? Try to reproduce
> it and fill in details, or mark it as 'Incomplete'. and so on.
> So there's very little actual coding. It's very approachable for people,
> and you get to learn about how Ubuntu is developed. This will be a ladi
> back relaxing fun event. There's also a mild form of competition between
> various LoCos. :)
> Hope that helps!
> Rory
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