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Rory McCann rory at
Wed Dec 9 23:13:34 GMT 2009

On 09/12/09 11:51, Bob Jolliffe wrote:
> Hi
> Excuse my ignorance, but can I seek some advice from the "team".  I am
> working on a free software project for district health information
> systems ( and I recently ventured into
> creating a deb for our next release.  It seems to work well - primitive
> but does the job.  Any tips on how I might get it into a public
> repository so that it is available to ubuntu users without having to
> download from the project website?
> Cheers
> Bob

Now I've never gotten anything contributed to Ubuntu, so I'm not sure
how you can get that included. But PPAs are great start. It's a Personal
Package Archive. You upload the source deb to launchpad, and it'll
compile it. You then have the apt URL that you can give to people. It's
really simple in karmic, something like ("~ppa/rorym"), and then your
software shows up on their software sources.

That allows you to update it with new versions, fix bugs, and it all
gets updated with the rest of their system.

I'd suppose that once it's a PPA, you've done a lot of the hard work and
it would be easier to get into the general ubuntu repositories.


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