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Maciej Danielski mdanielski at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 24 11:23:13 BST 2009

Hello everyone,

David has asked me to post his below email to our mailing list.

If you're an Ubuntu contributor (developer/maintainer) and would like
to give a short interview for the next episode of his podcast, please
get back to David at: david [at] ian [dot] ie

Maciej Danielski aka Mean-Machine

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From: David Dolphin <david at ian.ie>
Date: Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 11:10 AM
Subject: Interview for new Irish tech podcast
To: mdanielski at ubuntu.com


Myself and a few friends have started an Irish tech podcast. At the
Ubuntu sprint in Dublin I interviewed Jono for the podcast.

Our next episode will be on contributing to open source. As we will be
using ~5minutes of jonos interview it would be nice to have a
developer like yourself sit in on the discussion, as someone who has
actually contributed to open source.

An example of the format can be seen in our most recent show on New Media[0].

If you're available for a 15 minute Skype/POTS call over the next few
days, that'd be great.

Kind Regards,

David Dolphin

[0] http://www.ian.ie/2009/08/06/it-freely-episode-7-new-media/

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