Release Party

Laura Czajkowski laura at
Mon Apr 27 18:51:48 BST 2009

I mentioned to a few people on Saturday regarding the freenode staffers
coming to Dublin to have a picnic, more  information can be found  and

EVERYONE is welcome, family, friends, kids, bring a Frisbee and we can
even have a game.

On the wiki folks have added their names and what stuff they are
bringing to the picnic, so if you like sign up there so we have an idea
of who's coming and if they are bringing anything.

Also seeing as it's Ireland, most likely when it gets colder or starts
to rain, we shall head to a local pub. Where said local pub is atm I've
not got a clue, if anyone wants to suggest a pub here I can pass it onto
the freenode folks.

I don't look for trouble it finds me
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