Ubuntu slogan "Linux for human beings"

Rocky Road rockyroad29 at free.fr
Thu Apr 16 10:48:20 BST 2009

Hi all,

I read again what has been said yesterday at IRC meeting, and a couple
of ideas came to me about that "Ubuntu Ireland Press Release Team" idea.

>From my humble point of view, the big picture is to 
 **promote FLOSS usage** for larger audience.

FLOSS development is mostly associated with Linux systems, for obvious
reasons. But Linux is still considered by most people to be 
 **a geeks world**, and they prefer to stick to what they know because
they used it at school or at work.

And that's IMHO the huge success of Ubuntu: 
 **bringing Linux to non-geeks**.
Being user-friendly means high-quality system underneath, because bug
reports, though essential to the developers, are somewhat discouraging
for the newcomers.

OTOH, being both up-to-date and stable (I mean working well) is a real
everyday challenge for an operating system built of hundreds of
thousands of contributors work pieces. Ubuntu repositories management
sounds critical for that, and closely related to Ubuntu success.

I regret not being at the past bugjam sessions, but it could be that
they would only preach to the converted ...

== About companies using Ubuntu:

I'm not sure the point is essential: if companies use Debian or RedHat
it sound fine for me, but AFAIK most Irish companies and administrations
run MS systems.
As long as they think that *most* visitors use non-free systems, *most*
companies will target those widely used systems and the strongs get
But it would be interesting to tell how many companies use Linux (just
ensure that they agree being named).

So to individual *non-free* users I'd say that  Ubuntu is easy, powerful
and good for the mind, and to companies that the world is changing ...

Kind regards,
Michelle aka RockyRoad aka Sherkin

P.S.: You're very welcome to correct my English if you feel like it ;)

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