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Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Mon Apr 13 22:01:12 BST 2009

Aloha, just said I'd drop folks a note to remind them to have a look at 

Its after been updated with information on the next 2 upcoming events 
that we are taking part in. Firstly the release party, do reply either 
here or on the site or on #ubuntu-ie to let us know if you are coming so 
we can reserve a large enough table, would be great to meet more people.

Secondly the folks on freenode who have started a show free-as-in-node 
(http://podcast.freenode.net/)  are this summer coming to visit us in 
Dublin on May 9th and we're going to have a picnic in their words not 
mine a Geeknic :) Do come along and meet them and it's an excuse to meet 
one another and not just over irc.

Finally, for those folks who missed ossbarcamp or who came and went to 
different talk, harcez very nicely recorded Room 1 stream and you can 
access it http://www.archive.org/details/OSSBarCampDublin .  Thanks to 
all those who came to Ossbarcamp, and who helped during the day and 
spread the word, don't worry there will be another one soon :)



Skype: lauraczajkowski

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