ILUG PotD Event June

Mean-Machine bymeanmachine at
Sat May 10 19:14:53 BST 2008

Hi all,

just announcing the next Pint of the Day event.

Original entry from ILUG mailing list:

Event: POTD (pint of the day)

Date: Thursday 5th June 2008

Time: 6:30pm onwards

Location: The Longstone Pub Townsend St

Reason: Cos we can.

Event based prize report: Rory and Declan both got the pint for best 
GNU/Penguin.  (Again)

Nobody brought along a slash.

So this month I am stuck for ideas, so I guess whoever has the best 
"tee" as judged by me. Conditions, my decision can mean that I award 
more than one pint, and also the tee should have a Free Libre Open 
Source Software link in some way.

Reminders need to be posted if I don't get to do it before the end of 
the month please consider yourself nominated to do this.

Cameras to be brought.

You may be interested in the current trend, these events have been
to the first Thursday of the month in place of some other random date.



It's great fun! Hope to see you there.



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