ubuntu-ie IRC meeting Report 09.03.2008

Derek Heasley linux_user at eircom.net
Mon Mar 10 18:44:07 GMT 2008

Hello everyone. Here is a quick summary of the second Ubuntu Ireland IRC
Meeting 09.03.2008.
We had 5 active users.

Thanks to them users for their participation.

The first to get put on the table was:

[TOPIC] Hardy release party
Hardy Heron is released 24th April.  We hope to hold a release party somewhere on the 26th(Saturday).  Ideally a public accessible place where there is power and optional Internet connection.
If you know of an ideal location, could you let us know in the forums. There's a prize of a unique custom lightscribed cd of the latest ubuntu Hardy Heron release. AND a free pint of your choice, if you come up with the location we use!!  So if you know anyone in the hotel business that can offer free function room on Saturday 26th during the day....Let us know
The only option so far is Camara.ie have offered the use of their workshop on Thomas street in Dublin.
Also needed is CDs, marketing material, refreshments.

[TOPIC] System76 gives people free 'powered by ubuntu'
But not to Ireland! 
We would like to change this and get on their "list" of registered loco ubuntu teams.
can you all send a simple polite email press at system76 saying you are interested in Ireland being on the registered list for free "Powered By ubuntu"
Thank you very much...

Currently in ubuntu there is no definition for am/pm for irish english. You can't put the clock format in 12 hour time. You can see this from the command line with the command: "date '+%r'" it should give you something like "06:52:03 PM" but it will lack the AM/PM.
ebel: Has created a patch for this and was on hand to help users get this up n running.  Thanks ebel!!

We had a new user join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie during the meeting also :-)
Welcome Edvinas Gruzdas (md5x)  I'm sure we will hear more from md5x!
and also Stephen Kidney(Kidders2)...Welcome.

We have 48 active users on the ubuntu launchpad list.  This is great and new users joining in to show their interest.

The forum is a great way to keep in touch with ubuntu ireland. Why not
visit http://ie.ubuntuforums.org/ and say hello.

If you have any ideas for the next meeting then leave a message in the forum or wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam

ubuntu is a breath of fresh air in operating system land.
For the next meeting scheduled for Sunday 23th March 2008 at 9pm we would really
love to see you there...

You can see a schedule of all meetings on


Quote of today...
“I'm personally working on converting about 250,000 different Windows machines to Linux desktops, primarily in European government." 
Nat Friedman

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