SFD2008 IRC Meeting - at 9pm, 27th July 2008

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Wed Jul 23 13:50:23 BST 2008

so not sure I'll make the meeting, but I did chat to Mean-Machine last night
and PotD and came up with some ideas, I've written them down and sending
here in case folks want to add to the discussion:

1)  3/4 possible talks 
    * FSo  2 talks 30 mins each
    * Ubuntu - Ompaul 
    * Mean Machine 
    * Guest Speaker? 
    * Possible Anderoid Talk from google

2) UK Ubuntu Might be able to do a Podcast

3) Lightening Talks  Set aside 40 mins and allow people who turn up to stand
up and give a talk for about 4 mins?

4) Camara Presentation - tours running throughtout the day, showing the
workshop and explaining what they do

5) Harcesz has volunteered to video record the event 

What needs to be done

Sponsorship  - who can we talk to? Sugar CRM/ Open App anyone else?
             - Digital Hub

Refreshments -  Maybe a sponsor might sponsor some soft drinks?
	     - talk to McGruders as they are next Door they may help

Promoting the Event 

- We've already had one article in Silicone republic - we shall aim for a
follow up once it has been finalised

- Update the Ubuntu Blog and users will be encourage to blog/twitter/use all
resources to promote the event.

- Mean-Machine to see about Button - " I am attending SFD 08" to be added to
peoples blogs. 

- Talk to the college comp socs and see if they will come along and also
promte it via their mailing lists. 

Mailing Lists to target
Open Street Map Project

Again this was just written down roughly, if you have any other ideas, reply

I don't look for trouble it finds me

skype: lauraczajkowski

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