Camara and the Ubuntu-ie community

Rory McCann rory at
Mon Feb 25 10:50:49 GMT 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm sending this to the camara linux list, various camara people and the 
ubuntu ireland list, so some introductions are in order.

Ubuntu has various 'locos' (local communities) "to help groups of Ubuntu 
fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, 
promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu" 
<>. The Irish one is ubuntu-ie. 
<> It is starting to get active. There 
was a meeting on IRC last night and I talked about Camara.

Camara is an Irish charity that accepts second hand computers, cleans 
them up, installs Edubuntu on them and ships them to schools in Africa. 
Every year volunteers go out to African schools to teach African 
teachers computer literacy. It has a workshop in Dublin and Belfast.

Camara is growing fast and needs help. There's things everyone can do, 
such as donating PCs, money, time in the workshop or volunteering to 
teach over the summer. If you are good at computers and linux your 
skills are also valulable.

Camara uses a custom version of Edubuntu on all it's computers, 
Camarabuntu. It's basically just an automated installer that includes 
some extra software. We have a git repository for all these scripts at 
<>, some details are on my blog at 

Camara people, get involved with the Irish Ubuntu community!

Ubuntu people, get involved with the Camara community!

<> The Ubuntu LoCo teams
<> Irish Ubuntu Team
<> Camara
<> Camarabuntu code
<> Camarabuntu 
<> Last night's 
ubuntu-ie IRC meeting

All the best,

Rory McCann

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