Camara Presenetaion for ILUG/ubuntu-ie and Camara wishlist

Mean-Machine bymeanmachine at
Sun Aug 17 18:15:11 BST 2008

Thursday Night Eoghan from Camara presented a talk to ILUG members and
also Ubuntu-ie about what they are doing in Camara here in Dublin.  

A cpoy of the presentation is available
[ ] if you'd want to have a
look at it and then get back to Eoghan if you have any ideas.

Eoghan has also provided a wish list during the meeting; 
It is included below:

        CAMARABUNTU distribution wishlist
Based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Must run on 256RAM, 8Gb hard drive with 550Mhz processor.

Stripped out processes/ services:
Multicast DNS
 Included Linux apps:                           Included Camara apps:
 Gxine and codecs                               Camara Wikipedia 3Gb
 Gnash Swf viewer                               HIV/Aids software
 Gstreamer and unrestricted codecs              Skillbuilder guides
 Skype 2.0                                      lesson plans & workbooks
 Java (plugin for Mozilla v6.0)
 Mozilla flash plugin
 Codecs for mp3/ DVD
 Educational applications e.g. Tuxtype & Gcompris
Total Gb >4

Customisation on build:
Automated installer as Camarabuntu 6.06 with two user accounts [root
admin and restricted user]
Defaulted passwords on accounts.
Defaulted hard drive partitioning & DHCP network.
Customised background and theme.

Seperate repository disks:
Printer support drivers
Language packs

Kind Regards,

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