hello from Derek

Derek Heasley linux_user at eircom.net
Tue Nov 6 18:41:27 GMT 2007

Hello all.
This is my first time posting to this list so hope it works ;-)

I am writing an article for any irish media that will print it :-)  Its
about ubuntu and free software.  As ubuntu users, you have probably
heard this story all too often.  But to the joe public its news.

The link is on the side panel on my blog site www.ubuntuireland.org.  

I am asking if you could have a look at the article and leave me any
feedback on it ?
i.e. Too forward, too complicated, too long, amazing, fantastic, great
but.......u get what i mean.
I suppose this is my first initial draft of it so will be modifying
slightly over a few days. 

I have other requests from Irish Linux/Ubuntu users....Where do you feel
is the best place to submit the article in question to ?  I'm thinking
local newspapers or national.  All they can say is no.
Any thoughts......


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