[ubuntu-hu] 30 Days with Linux

Viktor Nagy viktor.nagy at gmail.com
2007. Már. 5., H, 17:02:48 GMT


az egeszet megeri elolvasni, de itt a konkluzio a 32 bites gepekre
(nem a 64re!):
"I'm certainly going to put a Windows XP partition on Whakataruna for
the near future - but I've decided to keep the bulk of my hard drive -
and most of my day-to-day operations, in Linux. XP is going to be my
OS for gaming, audio loop editing, and Photoshop, but for everything
else, Linux has transformed into an attractive, utility-driven,
customizable, and generally easy-to-use interface that takes all of
the virtues and none of the faults from the other major OSes and gives
it to the consumer for free."

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