[ubuntu-hk] A small meeting on coming activities

Shu Hung (Koala) koalay於gmail.com
日 8月 18 05:47:58 UTC 2013

Hi all,

This is late August, and we all know that a new version of Ubuntu will be
released in 1-2 months. It's time we can *plan something*. It's been long
since we have any team meeting, maybe it's time for us to have some chat as
a team. *Let's meet and talk*.

What time would you be available in the coming weekends (afternoon)?

Here are my available dates.
If you're interested and available, please fill in your names down here:
(*you also may suggest* other date, time, content for the meeting)

9/1 (Sun) - Koala
9/7 (Sat) - Koala
9/8 (Sun) - Koala
9/14 (Sat) - Koala
9/15 (Sun) - Koala
9/22 (Sun) - Koala

Koala Yeung :-)
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