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On 2/12/08, Guillaume Beaumont <guizzy at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Alexandre Vassalotti wrote:
> | On Feb 11, 2008 9:59 PM, Brian Michalski <michalski.7777 at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> |> But Isn't the help team supposed to be a team dedicated to the
> (semi-)professional aid in the answering of questions?
> |
> | You are right on it. The original idea, behind the helpteam, was to
> | provide peer training to the people who offers free support. However,
> | I never had the opportunity to push this idea any further ever since
> | my Google Summer of Code last year.
> |
> | -- Alexandre
> |
> I might be ambitioning, but I see a bigger potential role for the help
> team.
> While I recognize there is a need to train people offering free help, I
> think there's overlap here with two other parts of the Ubuntu project;
> the documentation team takes care of writing help and tutorials (and
> quite frankly, if we're going to write documentation for support, we
> might as well make it for the user himself). And then there is also the
> official certifications; LPI and Ubuntu specific ones. What's left is
> writing general pointers about how to do give support for to get
> non-professionals to understand the process. I don't think there's much
> more than one quite short document to be made about this.
> What an official help team COULD offer, however, is voluntary support
> that goes beyond the Answers tracker. Perhaps even live support, with
> voice-chat (Ekiga), and even remote control if necessary (and accepted
> by the user).
> Of course, this would require strict control of membership to the team,
> probably signed GPG keys with identity checks, and ample disclaimers
> (that while the person offering support is trusted by the Ubuntu
> community, they are still basically letting someone control their
> computer, and that no one can be held responsible should anything happen
> to it and its data).
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+1 Beaumont.. and we should have a wiki page defining our goals and
activities firstly,
and secondly is we need an irc channel to discuss on answering of questions
Improving the quality of support on Launchpad, (Remember ubuntu forums is
also there for support) and to meet up on a regular basis to ensure quality
support and discussion of new Ideas if any,


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