Lan Configuration mix up

mac.borje borje mac_borje at
Mon Jul 16 08:15:30 BST 2007

  I am working on Ubuntu dapper 6.06 box, I have notice that there no /etc/modules.conf that I  can declare my 3 of same brand and model lan card, some time when I restart the box the configuration may mix up, eth1 become eth0 and eth0 became eth2 and eth2 become eth1 I have to interchange the lan cable to the specific network adapter, before on the red hat 7.3 I have no problem like this. Is there a way how fix the configuration like alias on the modules.conf on Ubuntu coz iam searching the modules.conf on the box but nowhere can find it. Can anybody there assist me to solve this problem.
   Hopping for a favorable response thank you in advance 
  Have a nice day

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