LoCoTeams and mailing list integration into support tracker

Alexandre Vassalotti avassalotti at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 8 00:59:21 GMT 2007

On 2/7/07, Alex Muntada <ubuntu at alexm.org> wrote:
> However, having some integration from the mailing list to the
> support tracker would make things a lot easier for
> everybody[5] (bug 53292).

I totally agree.

> Moreover, the non-English support contacts get all the English
> support requests together with the ones listed in their language
> preferences[6] (bug 81369).

Again, I agree and Launchpad's developers marked your bug's importance
as high. So, I think they will fix it pretty soon.

> What do you thing about this?

I think internationalization and localization are the next big steps
for the Support Tracker on Launchpad. However, it also means a new
challenge. We need to gather people around the world to answer the
support requests in other language. As you mentioned, the problem is
that Launchpad is still mainly in English.

Maybe, it would be a good idea to develop a process for handling
support requests.

Alexandre Vassalotti

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