my system do not boot. help me please

Antonio José ajmcavaco at
Mon Feb 5 00:43:11 GMT 2007


My system do not want to boot, i change something in the partitions and now
gives me that message:

        Checking root file system:
fsck 1.39 (29-May-2006)
/dev/shm/root: clean,223025/2068576 files, 2120078/4132721 blocks  (    )

/etc/rcS.d/ 407: readlink: Permission denied
/etc/rcS.d/ 407: usplash_write: Permission denied
/etc/rcS.d/ 407: readlink: Permission denied

* Cannot initialize /etc/mtab

/etc/rcS.d/ 407: rm: Permission denied

init: unable to execute "/bin/sh/" for rc_default: Permission denied

init: rc_default process (3323) terminated with status 1

Is anybody out there who can help me, please???? please?????

I have the live cd (dvd) ubuntu 6.10, but i dont wanna reinstall the sistem
do not loose the things i have on pc. HEEEELLLPPPPP

Thanks at alll. Sorry for my bad english


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