[ubuntu-hardened] Nautilus 3.24 and Execute-Permission Bit Required

Marc Deslauriers marc.deslauriers at canonical.com
Mon May 1 01:13:07 UTC 2017


On 2017-04-30 06:12 PM, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> In 2010, the Ubuntu Security Team asked for and received Ubuntu Tech
> Board approval for a policy [1] that created nautilus'
> 06_never_exec_nonexec_launchers.patch [2].
> To launch a .desktop file in the home folder, Nautilus requires that
> it be marked as executable. Nautilus 3.24 strengthened security by
> requiring that it be marked as trusted in the user's gvfs database
> [3]. Ubuntu 17.10 "Artful" now has Nautilus 3.24.
> The problem is that all existing .desktop launchers now in the home
> directory no longer work. And there is not an easy way for a user to
> bypass this like they could before 17.10. [4]
> Without Ubuntu's patch, Nautilus provides a "Trust and Launch" button.
> I have a temporary PPA [5] if you want to test how this works. Be sure
> to completely kill nautilus after changing your nautilus version since
> it continues to run in the background.
> Here are some possibilities:
> 1. Keep things as are. Existing .desktop launchers will stop working.
> We can hope that tools that allow a user to drag-and-drop .desktops to
> the home folder will add the metadata themselves. GNOME's Applications
> menu extension does this now. [6]
> 2. Revert the 3.24 change in order to restore 3.22 behavior.
> 3. Drop Ubuntu's patch. I believe this would need Tech Board approval.

I strongly believe we should still require executable permissions, and should
not display an easy click-through dialog to set them.

The additional Nautilus requirement of marking an executable trusted in the
user's gvfs database is an improvement on top of that.

The 06_never_exec_nonexec_launchers.patch simply needs to be updated so that
Nautilus will display the "Trust and Launch" button only when execute
permissions are present on the .desktop file.


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