[ubuntu-hardened] Blocking module loading and System booting.

Daniel Curtis sidetripping at gmail.com
Fri May 15 18:29:19 UTC 2015


I would ask about a block module loading which is offered
as a one of the Ubuntu security feature [1]. The advantage
of this kind of defense is that it could prevent system
damage etc.

One of such defense is to remove capability of loadable
kernel modules entirely. So, if I set a block module loading
via setting "1" in /proc/sys/kernel/modules_disabled, then
system will start normally without any issues?

Of course modules loading (after user log in) will be
impossible, but Ubuntu will load all necessary modules and start/boot
normally, right? (I mean before user login). And
ready to use, just like before blocking module loading?

One more thing; sorry for such naive question, but I can not
check it in - for example - VBox.

Best regards.
[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features#block-modules
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