[ubuntu-hardened] Add overflow protection to kref

David Windsor dwindsor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 02:48:38 UTC 2012


>> I have yet to see a patch, so why are we arguing about this?  :)
>> Again, I don't know of any kref overflows that have ever happened, so
>> trying to "protect" this type of thing, seems odd to me.
> Well, I think the issue was to protect counting things (which seems to
> be what PaX was after originally), and that kref seemed like the place
> to put it. I'll let David take it further.

Patches are forthcoming that will first introduce overflow protection
to kref.  Once that's in place, I'll move a few refcount users from
atomic_t to kref as a reference for other subsystems; statistics-based
users (and others not requiring overflow protection) can continue
using atomic_t.

As Kees said, we just wanted to introduce the idea and get some
general feedback before beginning.  Thanks.

> Thanks,
> -Kees
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> Kees Cook
> ChromeOS Security

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