[ubuntu-hardened] security center in ubuntu

Sir Conquer sirconquer at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 16:18:40 BST 2010

On 3 Apr 2010, at 07:29, Nils-Christoph Fiedler wrote:
> ... But my scepticism refers to the nsa history of selinux. I simply dont trust it out of this circumstance. We have a little private people monitoring through our government here in Germany, so its hard for me to trust a technology inspired or whatever by an instituion like that.

I can see where you're coming from, however...

> Has anyone of you verified the code of selinux as not possibly evil?

That is what Linus does before he integrates something into the kernel ;-)

So, while majority of Linux users/developers/admins did not audit the code of SELinux (even if I did - it wouldn't be of much value - I'm no Theo de Raadt :-) ), at some point we do have to trust some people. And if Linus (peer-reviewed by many other Linux developers) isn't someone you trust with the code of a kernel - then why use Linux at all? :-)


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