[ubuntu-hardened] /dev/mem restrictions kernel patch

Kees Cook kees at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 31 03:49:07 GMT 2008

On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 06:39:23PM -0800, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Arjan van de Ven just posted a kernel patch for /dev/mem security that
> looks interesting. It doesn't appear to be applied to ubuntu-hardy.git
> or ubuntu-hardy-kees.git so I'm mentioning it now.

Oh! This looks good.  Arjan had mentioned these protections to me a
while back, so I'm glad to see it has finally hit lkml.

Unless someone on the kernel-team beats me to it, I'll put this into my
tree for testing when I get back from vacation next week.  :)

Kees Cook
Ubuntu Security Team

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